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The Visit USA Committee is a non - profit Trade Association of destinations, industry partners and individuals
with the goal of promoting travel and tourism to the United States of America.


Further fast recovery of Swiss travel to the US

In spite of a challening environment, economically and with a war in the Ukraine, the Swiss do not appear disouraged from taking a trip to the US. A total of 314'226 arrived in the US in 2022. High incomes and a strong Swiss Franc to the USD (change 0.93 CHF/$) help to dampen the effect of high prices and the inflation. First indications for 2023 are also promising


USA Island Hopping - Successful Kick-Off after Corona

The long established promotional and educational event for travel to the US, now called "USA Island Hopping" enjoyed a successfull kick-off with the "Capital Region USA" as featured destination after a two years Cornona related "break". A total of 275 travel professionals attended of which 235 participated in the so-called "Island Hopping" - workshops held by US destinations and partners. The new format was welcomed by partners (US destinations etc) and visitors. The attendance from around the country testified the need for information and training. The event is part of the promotional programs supported by The Brand USA .


Time to show flag on the attractive Swiss market

Switzerland's economy has been coping rather well with the actual challenging economic environment.. One reason being the strength of the Swiss Franc vs. most other currencies which forced the inflation down to 3% in October. As a result prices of Swiss industry remain stable on its export markets struggling with a three to four times higher inflation. Unemployment is at a record low of 1.9%. Purchasing power remains high making the Swiss outbound travel market attractive and, in particular, profitable. Time to join the established events produced by the Swiss Visit USA Committee - the only promotional platforms with countrywide attendance, custom tailored for US destinations.


Record attendance at USA Raodshow 2022

The popular Visit USA Roadshow attracted 2022 a record number of 260 travel professionals from April 4 - 7 in the six Swiss cities St. Gallen, Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Bern, Lausanne. The high attendance is proof of the attractive potential of the travel destination USA on the Swiss market. See attached list of partners/exhibitors


Newly elected Board Members

The Visit USA Committee elected the following new members in its board. Michael Boetschi of go2travel GmbH and Fabio di Canio of Hotelplan replacing Olivier Eck. Reto Schneider of UA and Timo Swoboda of Kuoni/DER Reisen will share the position of the Committee Vice Chair


Upbeat mood at the VUSA Seminar 2020

The Visit USA Seminar 2020 was held in an upbeat mood with an impressive presence of US destinations and their representations in Europe. The many interesting workshops were particularely apreciated. Utah was featured for the first time, one of the most popular states of Swiss tourists. The US Embassy's Deputy Chief of Mission, Mrs. Eva Weigold-Schulz opened the event with a heartfelt invitation to visit her country.


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